The Most Important Thing You'll Read About this Election.

As the election drew nearer, it looked like he actually had a shot. No one could believe it after we found out the kind of person he really was from private recordings.

I mean, his opponent wasn't perfect. But this guy's the devil himself!

I despised him. The very idea of him was contrary to everything I valued most (from the values instilled in me since childhood.) I didn't care what he looked like (though some people made fun of his hair and the color of his skin) but I was certainly fearful that he wanted to make life difficult for my kind and some of his supporters wanted to kill us for being a certain color, nationality, or religion.

Then it happened. The votes were counted and I felt sick to my stomach. I couldn't believe that my beautiful country was about to be destroyed. Our security, our economy, our very way of life that we have fought so long to create and preserve was just voted away.

I got drunk at a "victory party" even though my candidate lost. Not that he was really my favorite candidate. In fact, John McCain was my last choice. But, with Obama now in office, my hopes for a bright future were gone.

Sound familiar?

If you really rooted for Bernie Sanders and we're ready to settle for Hillary to keep Trump from destroying our county, then I have really great news for you!

I'm going to go ahead and make a prediction, and by doing so, hope to advance its precipitation:

Over the next few years disenchanted progressives will join forces with angry liberals to create a national movement sparking important unifying conversations for the former and inciting deeper divides amongst the latter.

While they seek different ends, they'll find common enough ground though Trump to multiply their efforts.

From that movement will come some of the greatest social thinkers of our age.

It's certainly not the first time it happened.

Between 2008 and today, I have learned how to let go of the beliefs that defined and confined me. Beliefs that were not of my own creation but created by my experiences and some, admittedly, by how I was raised to think.

I also educated myself deeply in all the areas I felt fooled - economics, philosophy, even constitutional government. And what I discovered was that there are already forces at work creating a better world and that I can choose to be part of that!

What I discovered is that, while the machine may be broken, arguing about how to continue patching it together is a huge waste of time. It's a generation away from obsolete and there are whole groups of people around the world already building the next one.

And no, not the New World Order or the Masons or the Global Elite. Not as co-conspirators but as co-creators of a better society through any and all means presently under their control. Some have been in government, most in business, some in think tanks, non-profit initiatives, even humble citizens.

I've also softened in my opinion of Obama. Less his policies and decisions (most of which were like watching George W. Bush continue with his military crusades, Keynesian bubble-pumps, privacy invasions, and other military-industrial crony capitalist bullshit.) But I've grown to respect him.

Under his leadership, we've softened our hearts towards other races and religions and sexual preferences, we've improved relations with other nations (mostly) and we've become richer and freer and safer. I think the world is a better place than it was 8 years ago. I'm not giving that credit all to Obama. But I'm not keeping it all from him either. What more could you ask for from someone who reviled him in the beginning?

So, what I believe is over the next 4-8 years you'll see the rise of an enlightened cross-section of society that is working outside of government to create solutions that are good for the planet, good for the economy, and good for global relations.

We won't wait on government or existing institutions to figure it out for us.

How does it get any better than that?!

This will be my generation's contribution to the world. A more equal yet more fair economic model. More opportunity with less risk. More security with less need for military.

So, take heart that Trump won, if you voted for him. He seems to really be intent on cleaning up some corruption. Maybe he isn't. But it seems so, and that's good enough for me. I'm not that bought-in to the old machine anyway.

If, however, you didn't vote for Trump, you can still take heart. Revolutions are never started by winning an election.

It's time to get to work. Forget government as we know it. If Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the best that Babyboomers can give us, we'll just have to take it from here.