When You Set 2017 Goals, Don't Forget This


The new year is a wonderful time to celebrate.

To look back and be grateful for our growth, our healing, the victories and the setbacks.

There is little so humbling and enlightening as looking back.

Yet, I believe we put too much pressure on January. Like it is different from any other month.

"But we just finished a lap around the sun."

Yes, but that's true every moment of every day, isn't it?

Leave it to humans to think we can decide when the lap began.

Just the same, I'm a huge fan of setting intentions.

My intention for 2017, more than any other, is to receive.

To stop believing I have it "figured out this time." And just be open and receive what god has in store for me.

I know that these desires in my heart are evidence of potential reality.

Last night my sister visited with her husband and children.

Sitting around a fire in the backyard, I asked her 12 yr old son, "what is fire?"

Our conversation turned philosophical and I asked him what he felt was true...

"Is fire the wood or is it the air?"

While we both concluded that we don't know, scientifically, I told him I suspect that it is both.

The wood is transformed into air through heat which is released as fire.

You can not have fire without fuel and you can't have it without air.

Yet trees and lumber and unburnt firewood sit in the air all day and night, never spontaneously bursting into flame.

You need a catalyst - typically heat from an existing flame - to get the whole thing going. 

The same is true of our lives.

Desire is the fuel - we have a lot of it. And we wouldn't want something it wasn't already a possibility in our life to have.

God is the air - abundant (more so, even, than the fuel of desire) and when the fuel begins to burn, the more of god available to it, the faster, hotter, and brighter the manifestation of our desires burns.

What many people in the spiritual community overlook is the catalyst.

They believe and claim and affirm but the law of attraction is nothing without the law of action.

Just like the campfire in the backyard, we need a catalyst to get it all started. This is a very important aspect of turning desires into reality.


Tony Robbins calls it "massive action."

2015 was a year of massive action for me. It was also a year of ego, thinking I had it all figured out. And while the action was massive enough to really torch some logs of desire, my life could never self-sustain the fire.

You see, because I didn't make room for god - the universal energy and substance of the universe. An infinite intelligence of which I am part and all things are part. A divine, inexplicable order of reality that co-directs our path. Without air, the flames couldn't stay lit, without more catalyst.

I believe this is what made 2016 such a difficult  year. I was still experiencing massive desire, taking massive action, but I had to learn - though pain, though energy, through plant medicines like Mushrooms, San Pedro, and Ayahuasca and through introspection and meditation, that god is so much more powerful than I am.

And that surrender does not mean that I must deny my desires. Quite the opposite: I am in god and god is in me. That means the desires are of god's as well.

Yet those desires - logs before the fire, are simply potential. And are never quite what they appear to be.

So, If there is one lesson I learned in 2016 more than any other, it is this: surrender.

Surrender to god. Surrender the outcomes. Surrender the final manifestation of my desires.

Because I can't resist the flames as they come, I can start the fire, but cannot control the flame.

The more surrender to my desires as they come, the more I begin to understand them as deeper, more beautiful, more gratifying than anything I could have designed anyway.

As I said, though, I'm not one to wait for January to get started. A new year begins each day. So my practice for the last month or so has been to surrender and to receive.

I know how to feel desires of my heart (wood), I know the importance of massive action (catalyst), I spent a year learning how to surrender to god (air), and so there was only one thing left to do - receive (watch it burn.)

And it burns more beautifully than I could have ever imagined.


desire - act - surrender - and receive the incredible 2017 that is in store for you. 

ConsciousnessTrey Stinnett