When I Becomes Us

I am myself. However, I am also part of a community, part of a history, part of a race - the human race. Ultimately I am part of a universe and it is my highest pleasure to exist in harmony with the other beings in my universe. Do we share a collective consciousness? I don't know. Are we all part of the same energy source? I can't say.

What I can say is that there is a feeling of purity, of enlightenment, and of peace when I view the world through a lens of "we" rather than "I."

The paradox is realizing that to best serve "us," "we" must also consider the individual - for the market is the greatest provider of all for without the pricing apparatus, "we" cannot communicate to each other efficiently or effectively to maximize human flourishing.

This is the core of Conscious Capitalism. I was at an event with John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods a few weeks ago and he said "The purpose of your body is not to produce red blood cells. You need them, you'll die without them, but your purpose is something greater. So to is money necessary for but not the purpose of business."*

There is no sin in making money. The sin is in not making a difference.