Dear Goddess: Don't Hide Your Light

Do not hide your light, 
my goddess, 
for fear it won't
be received.

They will look upon you
void of understanding
and in that void
form an image
that is no more
than a reflection
of their limited

As, too,
your image of others
can only be
a reflection
of your limited experience.

In their minds
you are something
other than you truly are.

In your mind, 
they are something
other than they truly are.

And as you cannot
know the heart
of another, 
you cannot judge
- even their judgement of you.

Choose, instead, love.

Love for yourself
and love for those
whose judgement you feel.

Be true to yourself
and who you are
and worry not
about the opinions
of the inexperienced.

If they make
their opinions known
(and pray they do) 
you will have
an opportunity
to help them
expand their knowing.

And if they reject this truth, 
as often the ego requires, 
you will know
that any pain
they experience
is self-inflicted.

By fully stepping
into who you are
without shame
or even a seed of doubt, 
you expose to those
who have inaccurately
formed you
in their mind
the truth of their masochism.

In doing so, 
you give them the key
to their own escape.

Do not hide your light, 
my goddess.

It is received.

RelationshipsTrey Stinnett