I'm in Love With My Wife AND Falling for Someone Else

This is crazy. I’ve been married for years. Seven in January. And over the last year, my wife, Paula, and I have fallen deeper and deeper in love. To a point unimaginable. Our support for each other has become intense. I couldn’t imagine having any other life partner. She is mine for now and forever and all of eternity, I want to continue to explore the universe with each other’s consciousnesses. My love with her is so deep, and I cannot express how excited I am to watch as it goes even deeper.

It may seem strange, then, that I’m beginning to fall in love with someone else.

This other person and I have had kind of a love-hate relationship for the last few years. Actually, we’ve had that relationship almost my whole life. You see, I’ve known this person a lot longer than I’ve known Paula. This person has always been in my life, though at times was not receiving my love or even my attention. A couple times, I've even go months or over a year without really communicating with them.

In recent years, though - especially the last two, I have been spending a tremendous amount of time with this person. More time, even that my wife and my children combined. It’s been crazy, but with my travel schedule, I’m often away form my family and in the company of other people with whom I form bonds and relationships as I travel. So maybe it is natural that I would fall in love with this person - spending so much time with someone, getting to really know their past, talking about parts of it with them that they haven’t thought about since they were that age, spending 2 hours talking about every hour of conversation that I have with anyone else.

The crazy thing is, that the more I love this person, the more I’m able to love Paula and the more I’m able to love the girls. It’a almost like this person doesn’t even stand a chance to ever be my number one, no matter how much love I feel for him.

Ooops, I said "him." Now you know.

The man I’m falling for is me.

And it’s the most exhilarating love-affair of my life.

Trey Stinnett